It’s been a long hard week.  You’ve been looking forward to a relaxing weekend since at least Wednesday.  You come home Friday evening, pull into the driveway, hit your garage door opener, the garage door lifts…then stops after a foot.  It won’t come back down or go up.  It’s stuck.  So much for that relaxation.   Fortunately, there’s help out there.

At our company,  we understand that everyone is busy.  We value your time and will accommodate you with convenient scheduling.  Money is tight.  We will do our best to respect your budget.  Expectations are high,  We’ll get the job is done right the first time.

We are a full service Garage Door Service company, and we’ve seen it all.  Nowadays, often, a garage door repair is too technical or too dangerous for most people to handle themselves.   We know you have other options out there, but what sets us apart is our quality service and work guarantee.  Don’t just take our word for it though.  Let us prove it to you.

Whether you need a repair, replacement, or new installation, see for yourself why we are the preferred garage door repair facility in New Lenox.  Call or e-mail us today for a quote, an inspection, or to just ask a question about your garage door.  We’re always here to help.

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